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All amd64 OKD versions are tracked here

Name Phase Started Failures
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-191547 Accepted 7 hours ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-13-090745 Accepted 6 days ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-04-191031 Accepted 15 days ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-05-22-050008 Accepted 4 weeks ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-04-24-103438 Accepted 8 weeks ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-04-11-124433 Rejected 9 weeks ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-03-28-152009 Accepted 11 weeks ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-03-21-094146 Accepted 3 months ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-03-07-090821 Accepted 3 months ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-03-06-124908 Accepted 3 months ago
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-02-25-144700 Accepted 3 months ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-02-14-205305 Accepted 4 months ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-01-23-132511 Accepted 4 months ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-01-17-185703 Accepted 5 months ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2020-12-12-135354 Accepted 6 months ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2020-11-27-200126 Accepted 6 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-10-15-235428 Accepted 8 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-10-03-012432 Accepted 8 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-09-18-202631 Accepted 9 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-09-04-180756 Accepted 9 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-08-12-020541 Accepted 10 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-07-29-070316 Accepted 10 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-07-14-153706-ga Accepted 11 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-07-12-134038-rc Accepted 11 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-06-29-110348-beta6 Accepted 11 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-23-055148-beta5 Accepted 13 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-21-163702-beta4 Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-16-074048-beta3 Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-07-175212-beta2 Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-03-28-092308-beta1 Accepted 14 months ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.8 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-20-041538 Accepted 10 hours ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-221544 * Accepted 16 hours ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-141950 Accepted 24 hours ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-080842 Accepted 30 hours ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-18-233955 Accepted 39 hours ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-18-133650 Accepted 2 days ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-18-041942 Accepted 2 days ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-06-17-203512 Accepted 2 days ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-05-22-053824 * Accepted 4 weeks ago vsphere
4.8.0-0.okd-2021-05-04-030843 * Accepted 6 weeks ago vsphere


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.7 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-20-070936 Rejected 7 hours ago aws vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-140103 Accepted 24 hours ago vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-073131 Accepted 31 hours ago vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-004700 Accepted 38 hours ago vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-18-190524 Accepted 43 hours ago vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-18-121252 Accepted 2 days ago vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-06-18-081748 Accepted 2 days ago vsphere
4.7.0-0.okd-2021-02-23-121606 * Accepted 3 months ago 4.6.0-0.okd-2021-02-14-205305


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.6 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-06-19-082812 Accepted 30 hours ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-06-16-221953 Accepted 3 days ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-06-16-114749 Rejected 4 days ago aws
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-06-11-174712 Accepted 8 days ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-06-11-092203 Accepted 9 days ago
4.6.0-0.okd-2021-06-11-031421 Accepted 9 days ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.5 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-06-16-140146 Rejected 4 days ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-06-02-181721 Rejected 17 days ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-05-18-174845 Rejected 4 weeks ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-04-29-205627 Rejected 7 weeks ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-04-21-181033 Rejected 8 weeks ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-01-22-120006 Accepted 4 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-01-22-090028 Accepted 4 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-01-22-072547 Accepted 4 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-01-22-044346 Accepted 4 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2021-01-19-195138 Accepted 5 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-07-14-153706 * Accepted 11 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-07-12-134038 * Accepted 11 months ago
4.5.0-0.okd-2020-06-29-110348 * Accepted 11 months ago 4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-23-055148-beta5


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.4 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.4.0-0.okd-2021-03-10-090655 Accepted 3 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2021-02-22-074103 Accepted 3 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2021-02-11-232159 Accepted 4 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2021-02-04-040338 Accepted 4 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2021-02-04-021128 Accepted 4 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-05-23-055148 * Accepted 13 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-21-163702 * Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-16-074048 * Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-04-07-175212 * Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-03-28-092308 * Accepted 14 months ago
4.4.0-0.okd-2020-01-28-022517 * Accepted 16 months ago


promote to pull spec, updated when origin/4.3 changes

Name Phase Started Failures Upgrades
4.3.0-0.okd-2021-03-22-130950 Accepted 3 months ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2021-02-02-235654 Accepted 4 months ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2021-02-02-174753 Accepted 4 months ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2021-01-28-004651 Accepted 4 months ago
4.3.0-0.okd-2021-01-18-145029 Accepted 5 months ago

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